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Through the Garden Gate

July 22, 2023
Event: 2:00 - 6:00 PM
Garden Party: 6:00 - 7:30 PM

A summer garden tour in Bluefield featuring outdoor entertaining spaces and the art of tablescapes. Featuring a walk-through of some of the most exclusive homes in Southern W.V. and the gardens they cultivate. 

Featured Image: Mountain View Avenue. Photo Credit: Hal Brainerd


Beautification Commission of Bluefield, West Virginia

We started out as a small seed

The energy and dedication of the "Bluefield Beautification Commission" has blossomed into a beautiful new expression for our city! What started out as a small seed has grown into an enormous renewal for our community. 

We are a Commission and Non-Profit Organization

A commission run by the city, all our projects are financed by private donors, grants, and fundraisers.  Your generous monetary contributions help the Beautification Commission to continue our work.
We extend our thanks to you in advance for your support.


Our Passions Continue
to Grow

Our passions grow every year as we seek to improve and develop our long term goals.  We continue to enlarge our circle of ambitious citizens with a contagious fervor for new projects.  We hope to inspire all our residents to view their surroundings with renewed enthusiasm.

Photo Credit: Hal Brainerd


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